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The Government of Telangana launched Gram Jyothi program as a logical continuation of Mana Ooru-Mana Pranalika. The objective of Grama Jyothi is to improve the service delivery to the people in core sectors through the strengthening of the Gram Panchayats by bringing together the efforts of various departments working at the Gram Panchayat level which are hitherto working independent of one another. Grama Jyothi aims synergise the developmental activities of the departments by achieving functional and financial convergence through preparation of Gram Panchayat Developmental Plans.. GramaJyothi seeks to exploit the enormous collective energy of the people by making them active partners in the development process, Decision Making and take good advantage of the Social Capital at the Village level. The goal of Grama Jyothi is bring in much desired accountability, transparency in the functioning of public institutions Woking at Gram Panchayat level and make them responsive to the needs of the people by establishing the supremacy of the Gram Sabha.


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